The Rip Off Report & Exotic Publishing

Generally I would just let this slide because people need to go with their intuition, & if after talking to me on the phone they think I’m a scam, then they SHOULDN’T purchase from me, but I thought about all the people who won’t even contact me, & decided to write one post about The Rip Off Report & how they DON’T check out the people who post negative things about companies.

They also DON’T allow positive comments, because I know some of my clients have posted positive comments & they clearly aren’t there.

Anyone can go to my site & read all the testimonials about me & the products I sell, & compare this to the lies stated on the Rip Off Report. I get praised for my speedy response ALL the time, but of course I don’t expect you to know that.

I just want you all to be aware that the Rip Off Report Site is run by a criminal, & companies are suing them left right & center, & in the meantime the Rip Off Report is hurting businesses, even people who aren’t businesses.

If you are the type that believes a company that is extorting money from companies, instructing people on how to write the most negative things about companies, a company who will take ANYONE’S post client or not, etc., then I wouldn’t want you as a client anyway.

If you are just confused, then please, read on & contact me first before believing the few negative people who wish to spread lies about me.

If you think most people in the escort industry speak the truth, the escort industry isn’t for you.

It’s unfortunate that so many lie, but that’s one of the very reasons I’m here, to try to bring in people who are truthful, ethical, professional, & are good people at the core.

I don’t care about Ed Magedson’s weed issues, weed is nothing, that’s just the States being the States, but the fraud, & the fact that he’s disappeared speaks volumes.

This Ed Magedson character never tried to extort me for money, BUT, he did post comments that aren’t true about me & Exotic Publishing, & he did not do due diligence to even make sure these people were my former clients.

The only person who is my client (Konrad Kafarski) posted his post because I was 5 minutes late calling him for his consultation. He refused to pick up the phone after I still tried to call him, & then he proceeded to call me names, call me a scammer, etc. in an e-mail to me.

When I tried to make amends with him through the Rip Off Report & get him to contact me for his consultation, he refused to respond back & he even got a friend of his to lie saying he knew that my book on “How to Start & Run an Escort Agency” was a lie.

Unfortunately he is one of those “nasty” people who gets involved in the escort industry that I want nothing to do with.

You can see my comments in each one of the posts, I don’t even know any of the other people because they are all fakes. They won’t disclose who they are because they know that they are lying. Konrad Kafarski didn’t even use his real name, he used the name “Frank”.

If someone has a legit problem with me, I deal with them. The only people I don’t deal with are nasty individuals who are chronic liars, & they go out of their way to bring others down.

Yes there are many out there like this in the escort industry, it’s a shame, & all I can say is that I hope YOU aren’t one of those people.

So, I just thought you should be aware of what is going on with the Rip Off Report.

The rest is up to you to make your own decision I am always here if you want to talk to me.

Thank you for listening.


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