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The Mr. Winky Scam

Monday, March 16th, 2009

So normally I don’t go around bashing competitors because I’m just not like that & I don’t need to put other people down to pump myself up, BUT, I just got a disturbing call from 2 ladies who want to open their own escort service.

They purchased this e-book from this Mr. Winky (the name says it all) at

They tell me that the book is just a waste of money & it didn’t educate them at all. It’s just a how to book on how to open an escort service & sleep with all the girls.

Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I don’t tolerate sexual assault on anyone & that INCLUDES escorts. This goes against my Code of Ethics.

This guy is what gives the escort industry a bad name, & the girls said he lied calling me a SCAM. Typical behavior from too many peoplein the escort industry unfortunately.

If you are a male (or female) looking to open an escort agency just to get all the sex you want, then beware that I will out you online for being a sexual predator.

Escorts should NEVER be mistreated like this & escorts, listen up, you should NEVER TOLERATE this kind of abuse because that’s all it is.

Exotic Publishing

Escort Agencies should NOT be charging startup fees

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

No escort agency should ever charge an escort fees other than the usual commission charge once they actually receive a call.

I’m hearing too often that escort services in the UK are ripping off unsuspecting newbie escorts by charging them a startup fee.

Then the escort gets no calls and the scam escort agency gets away with stealing.

If you have experienced this, please post the name of the escort agency, their URL, phone number and contact name(s) so other escorts can be forewarned.

Thank you