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Escort Website Design

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Escort Website Design Discount from
How to Become a Successful Escort – Exotic Publishing

In this day & age, almost no one will take a company seriously if they don’t have a professional looking well functioning website & the same holds true for independent escorts.

I always get escorts who are clients & not yet clients asking me who they can go to to get their website designed. And for all you independent escorts who have been working for a while, creating a whole new website look with all new features that will help streamline your business will be sure to boost your escort business.

If you’ve had your website for over a year & it’s always been a struggle for you, now is the time to change your situation.

Up until recently I didn’t have a place to send escorts, but then I aligned myself with a company that I feel has a product I feel is:

  1. of quality (you know I’m all about quality)
  2. the price is just right, even for those independent escorts just starting out
  3. has the features you need to have a well run escort website
  4. is easy to use. I now first hand how hard it is for my clients to manage their own computer let alone a website, & this product is beyond easy.
  5. they design a site according to the style you want, not what they think is right for you.

And if you book your website Now, I will give you a Discount no one else receives.

If you would like more information, you can click here, or just contact me.


Escort Services Hiring

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

What most escorts don’t understand, is that escort agencies (services) hire all the time. Only a few escort services are so high end that they don’t hire on a constant basis.

Escorts are always asking me what escort agency I recommend they work for & I must always tell them I don’t recommend any one escort service because I don’t favor any one escort service. I must remain impartial as an escort industry adviser.

I tell them they can advertise to my EP client list if they wish to put the word out & some do advertise.

I also tell the escorts that pretty soon I will be launching my Exotic Publishing Seal of Approval.

If an escort service or independent escort has that seal on their site, that means they have signed up to become a member & they follow my Codes of Conduct. Because I can’t police escort agencies 24/7, I leave it up to clients of independent escorts & escort services & the escorts themselves to let me know if an escort business is behaving in a manner that goes against my Codes of Ethics. Then I will investigate to see if the allegations are true.

I have to investigate because unfortunately so many people in the escort industry (even outside the escort industry) lie just to try & hurt others.

The bottom line is, many escort don’t know where to go to find an ethical professional escort service because they are so few out there. Most are run by pimps.

I always recommend my clients who have purchased my Platinum Mentorship Package that teaches them how to start up & run a professional ethical escort agency, but there are many other escort agencies that aren’t my clients that fall into the professional ethical category. It’s just a matter of finding them as they are so elusive.

So I’ve decided that if an escort service contacts me, I may list their website here so escorts know they are hiring.

This does not mean under any circumstances that I am recommending these escort services, it just means they have contacted me.

If you ever have any problems with them, please contact me.

Thank you


Should Escorts work for Escort Services?

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

I want to give my point of view on this question because it kind of upsets me to read that some independent escorts tell females who want to become escorts that it’s NOT okay to work for an escort service (agency).

I feel that when first starting out, every escort should work for an escort agency. Many of those will continue to work for escort services throughout their entire career.

What I do say though is that you should work for the RIGHT escort service.

Unfortunately these days too many escort agencies are run by dysfunctional females, or pimps. There are also many guys who open escort agencies just to get free sex & abuse these girls. So, it may appear that working for an escort service is the wrong way to go, but that’s ONLY if you fall into the trap of working for one of these types.

That’s why reading my “How to Become a Successful Escort” business kit is a MUST so you can protect yourself & learn both how to be an agency escort, or an independent escort.

This way you will know what to look for when trying to find a professional ethical escort agency just like the one I used to run. When you first start out working as an escort, you need to understand what it feels like & jumping right into becoming an independent escort can be a VERY scary thing if you don’t even understand the basics.

I’m not saying NEVER become an independent escort, I’m just saying at least start off working for an escort service. Understand all the things that not only an escort has to do, but also what the escort agency itself has to do.

Not to upset anyone, but I feel that 80% of all escorts aren’t cut out to be an independent escort & aren’t able to run their escort business properly. Most aren’t intelligent enough & the customers can see this because I hear complaint after complaint about how they call the independent escorts & she never calls them back, is rude, gives them a terrible service, etc. Remember, when taking on the task of being an independent,  you are essentially running a business & running a business properly is hard work.

Again, I’m not saying that some escort services don’t treat customers the same way, I’m just saying it’s a lot harder for anyone (intelligent or not) to run the 2 sides of the business.

  1. Seeing the clients (that’s a full time job all unto itself)
  2. Running the back-end of the business (again, another full time job)

I know if it were me, I wouldn’t want the headache of doing both because it would be pretty hard to do both very well.

Some escorts say it’s wrong to give a percentage of the profits to the escort agency & I question why they think that way.

If the escort service owner isn’t doing a good job of:

  1. advertising the escort agency
  2. protecting the escorts
  3. running the escort business smoothly
  4. booking the calls & streamlining the procedure

then YES, I agree with the escorts who make these statements, BUT, that’s not how a professional escort service should run & that’s certainly not how I educate my clients in my Platinum Mentorship Package business kit how to run a professional ethical escort service.

So if the escort agency is running their business in a proper manner, no escort should fear working for them & they certainly shouldn’t be complaining about paying them a commission for doing all that hard work.

I know that when I ran my escort agency, I worked VERY VERY hard for all of my escorts. So hard in fact I worked 7 days per week.

So please have an open mind & understand both sides of the coin before making judgments that are incorrect or negative.

Hope this helps educate you. smile


Independent & Agency Escorts & Escort Directories

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Calling all independent or agency escorts…

If you have a moment, it would be much appreciated if you could help Exotic Publishing understand your thoughts when it comes to Escort Directories (directory). Please take this discrete survey…

It will help us help you down the road.

Thank you so much for your precious time.

Exotic Publishing

Independent Escorts, do clients waste your time?

Friday, January 11th, 2008

We all know that some guys love to waste escorts’ precious time by playing games.

I’d love to cut down on this problem altogether, & in order for me to do that, I need you to help me by taking this survey.

If you are an independent escort, please help me help you & the entire industry…

Thank you


Escort Industry Review Boards

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Well the general consensus in the escort industry is that escorts do NOT like review boards, and from what I’ve seen on most of them, I don’t blame them one bit.

I remember the first time I went on one years ago, I almost got very ill.

I couldn’t believe how these males were talking about the escorts. In fact it frightened me reading all the attacks, crudeness, etc. I had never seen anything like it, and they weren’t even talking about ME!

So escorts, please help me help you and fill out this short survey… The Escort Industry Needs You!

Escort Services, you are also encouraged to fill out this survey.

Thank you

Exotic Publishing

Seeking respect from customers of escorts

Monday, January 7th, 2008

So here it goes…

As some of you may already know, I’ve owned 2 very successful escort agencies, and now I’m the escort industry expert who helps others start and run their own escort agency. I also take great pride in helping girls become successful escorts and help them to feel proud about their decision to become an escort.

One thing has always been a given with me.

I DON’T tolerate crude, disrespectful customers. In fact I find the term “hobbyists” distasteful. Seeing an escort isn’t a hobby, it should be an enjoyable experience.

Back when I had my escort service, I had no qualms about banning customers who talked in a defamatory way to my girls, acted like pigs (note, having a fantasy isn’t the same thing as being a pig) or abused my girls in any way.

I didn’t even care if the customer was a “big spender”, and had I had movie stars come to me when I still owned my escort agency, I would have told them to take a hike had I found out that they called my girls whores.

I found out a few years after I sold my escort agency that a movie start used my former escort service, and did call the girl(s) a whore, maybe even a slut.

I’m currently reading a great book written by escorts and sex workers, and one of the MAIN points they all have made so far is that they except and wish to be treated with respect.

In fact I learned a lot from one escort who stated that if the customer treats her like shit, it’s because he himself feels guilty for seeing an escort, so he takes it out on her.

I thought that to be very telling.

So I welcome ALL customers of escort agencies or independent escorts, to join my list

My list is not open to the general public, meaning my list only comprises of escort agencies and independent escorts who have read one or two of my books on “How to Start and Run Your Very Own Escort Service” or “How to Become an Escort”.

What this means for you is that you have a better chance of getting quality people servicing you.


Because that’s who I am as a person, and I feel it’s my duty to try my very best to weed out those negative mean spirited escort agency owners or escorts.

If I come across them, I try not to do business with them, I warn others about them, and/or they are completely deleted from my list.

My reputation as someone who cares deeply for her clients encourages me to keep my list as clean as possible to the best of my knowledge.

I welcome you to the list, and once there are enough customers on it, I will start sending you information about my clients’ escort business.

You aren’t forced to see or hire anyone, but I hope the list will give you access to people you might normally never meet otherwise.

Thank you for your reading, and I sincerely hope you have a fun relaxing time with whomever you see  smile smile