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My Gift to you for the Holiday Season 2009

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Hi everyone,

I would like to give you a gift. The Gift of 15% off

  • either the “How to Become a Successful Escort” business kit located at
  • or the “How to Start & Run Your own Successful Escort Agency” Platinum Mentorship Package business kit located at

This is my Gift to you for the Holiday Season of 2009 & will expire January 1st, 2010.

I can feel that 2010 is going to be an exciting fruitful Year!

I wish you & your friends & family a VERY VERY Happy & Peaceful Holiday Season!



Exotic Publishing is hiring for her team

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

These are all skilled positions such as:

  1. Virtual Assistant
  2. Online Researcher
  3. Nettie
  4. Data Entry & Poster
  5. W3C Website Coder
  6. Graphic Web Designer
  7. Marketing Apprentice
  8. Business Apprentice
  9. Copywriting Apprentice

and so much more.

Exotic Publishing is looking to fill some outstanding positions so you can work with our team of independent contractors.

The benefits to working with Exotic Publishing are varied, here is just a few…

  1. Fun Friendly Atmosphere, but we still expect top notch quality work.
  2. Learning while working.Some of our positions are apprentice positions that will give you great skills you can use to further your career.Even if the position you apply for isn’t an apprentice position, I can assure you that you will learn a lot about new methods of running sites, business and marketing.
  3. Some of our positions require certain hours, but most have flex hours, which means that so long as you get the work done in a quick and mistake free manner, and you respond to e-mails within 2-4 hours (assuming it’s during the day at some point), you can work whenever you wish.
  4. No red tape or politicking here. We only seek down to earth people who are genuinely nice inside. If you are the type who loves to cause drama and trouble, Exotic Publishing is NOT the company for you.
  5. You want to be part of this growing company that is making change in the escort industry.We aren’t looking for people who have worked in the escort industry, as we find a lot of people who have worked in the escort industry aren’t always responsible, skilled, nor do they wish to deal with company policies, but if you are open minded and have no problem helping others who are running businesses in the escort industry, or you are the exception to the rule when it comes to former escort industry workers, please read our Vision, Mission & Value Statements.

Take a look at our complete list of open positions via our hiring page, we’d love to hear from you if you feel you meet our criteria.

Thank you, & we look forward to working with you!

Exotic Publishing