Female Exotic Dancer Study

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Take part in a study exploring the life experiences of female exotic dancers. In order to be eligible, the participant must:

  • Be 18 years of age and over
  • Currently employed or formerly employed as an exotic dancer
  • Identify as a biological female
  • In a relationship with a male significant other

This research study is conducted by Monica Gomez, a Clinical Forensic Doctoral Student at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles, who is gathering information in hopes that mental health clinicians will be able to improve their therapeutic skills when working with exotic dancers.

Participation involves filling out questionnaires:

  • Screening questionnaires to determine eligibility. The study includes questions about child sexual abuse and paternal absence. Because it is important to ensure that participants who experience distress are not negatively triggered by such topics, there will be a Trauma Screening Questionnaire to best avoid that.  If eligible, participants will be asked about her age, gender, occupational status as a dancer, and relationship status with a male.
  • Demographics questionnaire. Participants will be asked questions about her ethnicity, relationship status, and length of time in her relationship. She will be asked if she experienced childhood sexual abuse and paternal absence, and she will be asked to indicate where she found the study’s survey.
  • Miller Social Intimacy Scale. Measures level of intimacy by asking about closeness to a partner, affection experienced, satisfaction and importance of the relationship.

Completely anonymous and you can cancel at any time.

If you are a current or former exotic dancer who would be interested in taking this 15 minute online survey, follow the link below or for more information, contact [email protected]

Thank you!

To access the Survey, please visit:


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