I have to talk about the subject of infidelity because it just amazes me how immature society within America really is.

While I in NO WAY feel that cheating on one’s spouse, common-law or girl/boyfriend is a positive way to have a relationship, I say GIVE ME A BREAK.

First of all, humans weren’t meant to be monogamous, many ions ago the church decided that’s how they would control their people, so they brainwashed everyone into behaving like they were told. Well you can’t squeeze a square peg into a round hole, so that’s the first thing. And, most men like variety in women.

That coupled with the commonly known fact that over time numerous relationships on both sides die down in the sex & excitement department, & it’s just a given that people are going to cheat.

AND, people think ONLY men cheat which is ridiculous. Do you know how many women cheat on their husbands online?

Do you know how many women have given birth to other men’s children over the last 3000 years & their husbands thought the children were theirs?

My point is, if humans weren’t meant to be monogamous, then they WILL seek out other partners. I say it’s better for them to see escorts where there is little to no emotional attachment, then a mistress that may go crazy on him & not just ruin his life, but hurt his family.

It just sickens me every single time I see the news media plastering famous people’s infidelity all over the Internet like they are now doing with Tiger Woods, AND then the people who respond to the articles by commenting giving shit to these people who cheated, as if they went out & murdered or raped someone.

I’m not saying it doesn’t hurt his wife or children, but it’s THAT family’s business, NOT the entire US of A’s, I don’t care how famous the guy is. That doesn’t give you guys the right to hound him, string him up by his heels & burn him at the stake like you have done for soooo many centuries. This is the year 2010 isn’t it??? Maybe I’m just imagining the year.

In many countries within Europe (especially France), men have mistresses, & their wives know about it & have no problem with it, but once again, North Americans are uncultured, judgmental & love to cast their wrath down upon others instead of minding their own business & working on their OWN relationships.

And then you wonder why there is so much violence, divorce & unhappiness within North America. Look in the mirror people!


End of my rant


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