What’s the average age of an escort

How old do you have to be to become an escort?

So I often get asked the question about how old is too old when deciding if you should become an escort.

Well first of all in some states, provinces & countries you have to be at least 18, & in others it’s 21. When I ran my escort agencies it was 18 for me, although there were times when I felt that was too young because the girl was just too naive. Today 18 year olds are generally going on 30, so things are a bit different.

At what age is too old to become an escort?

Well years ago I would have told you that 30 was the cut off age, but in the last 10 years things have changed. More & more younger men want to be with older women & while I don’t like the term “MILF”, it’s a common term online.

Just to give you an example of who’s purchased my escorting business kit – my oldest client is 63 years old & I have a few others who are in their late 50’s. Oh & by the way, the 63 year old has steady work, because her clients don’t want to be with someone who can’t even carry on a conversation. Remember I told you that escorting ISN’T just about sex, contrary to what everyone tells you.

The bottom line about age & escorting

If you don’t feel you are the most mature 18-21 year old, I DON’T recommend you start working as an escort. One needs maturity in this industry otherwise it can eat you alive.

And if you are over 30 or even hitting 60, but you are attractive, outgoing & you like men & are open minded, I’d say go for it. But of course as a I always say, NEVER jump into escorting until you’ve educated by someone who knows what they are talking about. You need to know what to expect, this isn’t a waitressing job. You also need to learn all my screening procedures.

Hope this helps you!



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