What are the top 5 reasons to see an escort?

What are the top 5 reasons to see an escort?

So this is my list, nothing that I’ve gotten from my data, but please do fill out this survey if you are a client who hires escorts.

  1. Intimacy is clearly number one. While people think this is just about sex, they are wrong. Many men want to be heard, want to divulge their secrets to someone who will understand. If you find the right escort for you, this is exactly what you should get.
  2. Experimentation – they want to educate themselves more sexually. Many people are with spouses or partners who either have no libido, or don’t like to experiment sexually. I feel people have the right to experiment sexually, it’s part of our nature so long as it’s all consensual & no one gets so seriously hurt, that they have to land in the hospital.
  3. Unhappy marriage – there is emotional distance & the person doesn’t want to end the marriage, but wants to feel understood, appreciated & have intimacy.
  4. Wants to feel understood – many men & yes, even women don’t feel they can be themselves around everyone in their lives (spouse, co-workers, friends, family, etc.), but they feel safe when seeing an escort.
  5. Too busy with career, want companionship without having to date.
  6. Traveling businessman – never in one place long enough to cultivate a relationship. The perfect solution to loneliness (assuming you find the perfect escort for you)
  7. Geek type – socially is afraid of women, yet of course needs companionship as we all do. Escorts can be there for this type of person.
  8. It’s less expensive to hire an escort than to marry someone. While I don’t believe an escort can EVER replace a long term relationship partner, with all the divorces out there, men are correct, it is definitely cheaper to hire an escort & see her on an ongoing basis than take on a wife.
  9. Dating – Doesn’t want to have to spend money on date after date with no idea if it will go anywhere. Again, ends up being less expensive to just hire the right escort.
  10. Disabled person – doesn’t feel he can get a woman or he’s tried & had no success because of his problems. A good caring escort will not judge a disabled person.
  11. Virgin – too scared to get a girlfriend, wants to learn first & gain some confidence. An experienced good escort will fill that need.

If you have any other reasons you’d like to include, please give me a shout.

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