Should you escort & run an escort service at the same time?

I will answer this question should you escort & run an escort service at the same time?

In my opinion, I don’t feel escorts should run an escort agency at the same time they are escorting & here’s why:

  1. Your job as an escort agency owner is to get as many calls for your girls as possible. If you are giving the best calls to yourself, you aren’t setting a professional example to your escorts.
  2. Escorts should feel they have a fair chance at getting calls. If you are both escorting & manning the phones, the escorts will never feel you have their back.
  3. Nothing causes more strife within an agency than the owner or phone person playing favorites to certain escorts. Again, escorts shouldn’t feel there is any favoritism UNLESS it’s because one escort is a great worker, whereas maybe another one isn’t. Then in that case, yes, I would play favorites, as it’s my job to make the clients happy & send out the best escort so he will call my escort service back.

The bottom line is, once you decide to switch from escorting to becoming an escort agency owner, you need to jump in with both feet & switch hats, not sit on the fence & go back & forth between escorting & running an escort agency.

Hope that helps you.


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