Escorts who want to be high class, but aren’t in that league

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Back before the Internet the lines were much more clear about who was a hooker & who was an escort.

Hookers trolled the streets & escorts worked indoors either for an escort service or independently for themselves.

Then along came the Internet which changed everything.

While the Internet is a very positive medium on many levels, I feel it’s both a positive & negative for the escort industry & here’s why:

  1. A lot of the hookers who are just selling sex came off the streets onto the Internet. This now means customers who hire escorts really don’t understand what a true escort is all about.
  2. The same thing is true for pimps. While I’m not saying that the escort industry was free from pimps pre-internet, it’s just a lot easier now for a pimp like person (usually a male, but not always) to start an escort service & hurt the escorts or even the customers.
  3. Escorts have to be so much more careful now in who they see as a client.
  4. Escorts have to be leery of other escorts too. I consider them to be hooker types who steal escort’s photos using them as their own & stabbing other escorts in the back. Again, while this happened before, it’s much more evident now than before.
  5. Then there’s all the escorts who are average who lie about their skill set as an escort. They claim to be courtesans or high class escorts when they don’t know the first thing about being one.
  6. The positives is that escorts can find a larger pool of clients, but not necessarily the good ones. When the Internet first started becoming popular, it was a well known fact that the men you found on the Internet were much more civilized & had more money.

    Now the opposite may be true since escorts are having to deal with soooo many cheap skates who want hooker pricing or just play games thinking they can get a freebie.

Again, we had these problems in the escort industry before, it’s just become much more of a problem since the Internet since there’s sooo much more competition then there was before & that’s one last negative, the amount of competition that’s out there.

BUT, if you areĀ  customer looking to hire an escort, the benefit to you is selection & if you read my book on “How to hire an escort”, you will be steps ahead of everyone else & feel like you know what you are doing. The negative of that is too much selection can make your head spin.

Wishing you all the best in the escort industry.


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