Discretion is your middle name

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Discretion should be the middle name of EVERYONE who works in the escort industry, especially escorts & escort service owners.

Clients rely upon us to keep their name out of the paper, off the TV, out of the media, etc., but recently I’ve seen too many escorts opening their mouths for their own self interests.

Granted most of these escorts weren’t the ones who initially leaked the story to the media in the first place & some were hounded by the media, but still, they eventually came forward & some even said some insulting things about their clients.

If a client is abusive I can understand, but if he isn’t, one of your jobs as an escort is to keep your mouth SHUT! Even if the media is all over the story because your client is famous, you need to be the bigger person here & not fuel the fire.

If you know you have a big mouth & you like to gossip, the escort profession is NOT for you.

I’m not too alarmed – there’s only been a small percentage of escorts who have opened their mouths in the grand scheme of things. I am taking into account the MANY men, women & couples who sees escorts that no one knows about. BUT, I don’t want escorts to think that just because other escorts opened their mouths, that it’s okay for them to do the same.


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