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Seeking Guest Bloggers for How to Become a Successful Escort

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

I am Seeking Guest Bloggers for How to Become a Successful Escort

If you are looking to improve your SEO ranking for your adult site, and you have excellent writing skills on the adult industry, please read further.

Getting quality links these days can be tough, but now top businesses are getting outbound links by writing articles for other blogs. If you want to write for my blog on the escort industry as it relates to agency escorts & independent escorts, please contact me.

I won’t take any sleazy material. This should be educational only, down to earth, with a bit of fun thrown in in for good measure.

Here are my Guest Blogging Requirements for my Adult Site

  • Title – should be as creative as possible.
  • Language – American English, informal and free flowing. High standard of grammar required. If your English is so poor it sounds like a 7th grader wrote it, I won’t accept it. 500 words will get you one link, 600 words will get you two.
  • Content – 100% original with an informative and educational tone. Your article shouldn’t be a sales pitch, it should teach the audience about your area of expertise.Aim content towards readers rather than just search engines. Keyword stuffed content will be rejected. Content must be relevant to our blog and I generally like educational material, the latest news with your followup impressions, how tos, or the top tips of the subject.
  • Links – all outbound links must be relevant to the content but not in a way that promotes the link itself. No more than 2 links per post. These should be below the fold. Links should be of the same domain and not be in bold, italic, H1 – H6 etc.
  • Authority Link – you should insert one authority link in your article that showcases where you found factual data for your article.
  • Image – All images must be of a small size, be relevant to the article, be royalty free, clear and clean. Fuzzy images will be rejected. Please use an informal description of the image to use as the alt text. I will NOT accept any nudes unless it’s artistic and doesn’t show any areas that require the 18 U.S. C 2257.
  • Aesthetics – include bullet-points, numbered lists and subheadings to improve the appeal of the blog post.

External Link Guide


  • Relevance – you should only link out to sites that are relevant to the post and offer informative content for readers.
  • Standard – the site you link to should be complete with no half-finished pages or 404 errors. The site should be well designed and content aligned correctly. The site should be fast loading and be easy to navigate.
  • Referencing other domains – We only allow additional referencing that point to highly authoritative sites.
  • Reliability – the site you are linking to should be trustworthy and provide reliable content for readers. If the site you are linking to looks shaddy, we won’t accept the article.There must also be a contact page on the site. We won’t accept articles pointing to sites that hide their contact information.
  • Affiliate Links – no affiliate links allowed, but we will allow a link to a site that has affiliate links on it, so long as the site is educational and isn’t just there to sell.
  • Redirects – No links that redirect to another domain.

Submitting Guide for Guest Blogs for the Adult Industry

  • When you have completed the post and checked it for errors you can then submit it in Word 2003. I won’t accept articles in any other format. Your 1-2 links should be placed in a comment bubble over top the keywords you want underneath them.
  • Send the article to the e-mail address you should have from me. If you don’t have an e-mail address from me, please use my contact page to contact me. I don’t want to put my e-mail address on this page because of spammers and bots.
  • You will get free editing with your article.
  • I will review the article and use Word’s Track Changes feature to go through the article. If I find too many errors, I will stop and let you know the article isn’t good enough. If there’s only a few, I will send them back to you to so you can approve them or re-write the content.

Remember that I reserve the right to reject any article at my own discretion.
Thank you for participating in my adult industry guest blogging program for my How to Become a Successful Escort blog.



Link Exchange

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Seeking Real High
End Escort Agencies


How to Do a Link Exchange with the Become a Successful Escort Blog


Search Engine Optimizing Your Website

Scribe. SEO Made Simple.


We prefer to do link exchanges with people in the escort industry, but we aren’t adverse to exchanging links with other similar type industries.

Here is the text ad you can place on your website to link to us (we prefer the text ad over the banner). Copy and paste the html code below into your website :

<p><a href=”” target=”_blank”>Learn how to Become a Successful Escort with Exotic Publishing</a><br /> How would you like to be a highly paid escort? Here is an opportunity for anyone to become a successful escort. This complete business kit will show how you too can become an escort. You’ll learn in an easy to follow format how to earn your fortune in this growing industry. All you need to do is get the business kit, so read & listen to more…</p>

Here is our contact page to to do a link exchange.

Thank you, & we look forward to doing business with you.


Exotic Publishing