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Petition to legitimize the escort industry in the US – for escorts

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Petition to legitimize the escort industry in the US – for escorts

This is a petition to legitimize the Escort Industry in the US & is specifically created for independent escorts.

Working as an independent escort has given many females the opportunity to put themselves through College or University, support themselves & their children, pay off debt, meet many interesting people, etc.

Unfortunately because of the archaic laws currently on the books in the US, most escorts are forced to hide & many times have to fear for their safety from the police, clients, society, etc.

Their career & business is NOT considered a viable legitimate business just like any other & this discrimination affects the thousands of women who work as escorts in many ways.

The US is one of the only countries in the entire world that does NOT recognize that the escort industry needs protecting & cleaning up. Other countries may not welcome the escort industry with open arms, but they don’t go to such lengths to crucify everyone associated with this industry that isn’t going anywhere & never has.

If you feel enough is enough already, & that the US’s patriarchal controlling mean spirited attitude is harming everyone involved (escorts, escort service owners, the clients who see escorts, etc.), please read this petition over & sign it.

Thank you

The Escort Industry Association

Progressive Escort Industry News for Ontario Canada

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Progressive Escort Industry News for Ontario Canada

There was some very exciting news in the Ontario Court System in Canada that while wasn’t directly about the escort industry, the decisions the judge made in court for 2 sex workers (prostitutes) does directly affect the escort industry in Ontario on a positive note.

Even if you are in the US & the UK, please read this full report of what happened, & sign this petition, as changes over in Canada sometimes do make an impact in the US & other countries worldwide.

For all Canadians province wide who support the escort industry, this petition relates to both escorts & escort agencies.

Thank you

The Escort Industry Network

Petition to Legitimize Escorts

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Please sign this petition..

Having been in the escort industry since 1989, it has always been my goal to help take the stigma & judgment out of the escort industry.

After owning & running 2 different professional ethical escort services, I eventually decided to stop running escort agencies & concentrate on helping escorts who wish to start their career as an escort. I know they need a place to turn to for education, kindness & understanding & whether you or I want them to become escorts, they will with or without your blessing.

Continuing to judge females who want to get into the escort industry or who are already working as an escort harms them emotionally & society as a whole.

We as human beings are meant to be free, not told what to do by others. That’s why they call it a “free spirit“.

All females have the right to be open minded & do what they wish with their time & bodies. In fact many top notch escorts provide a valuable service to men, women & couples.

I can tell you right now that you probably unknowingly know someone who has been or still is an escort.

Forcing her to go underground to work so she keeps her secret puts her in danger & is emotionally draining on her. In the end people think it’s the profession that causes psychological damage, but I disagree, most of the time it’s the stress of the escort feeling shamed by others that plays a toll on her. Escorts that love themselves & are happy in their profession can have no more emotionally issues than anyone else.

I hope you will join us by signing this petition & passing it along to others you know who feel the same way.

Your intelligent non controlling opinion that ALL females have the human right to do what they wish with their lives, will help move the archaic US laws into the 21st century.

Thank you

Exotic Publishing