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Men using escort agencies as their personal sex playground

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

This is an unfortunate common problem in the escort industry, men using escort agencies as their personal sex playground

Nothing disgusts me more than PIMPS. Men who think escorts are there for their sexual bidding.

I just had a guy approach me for my consultation services as he said he wants to open an escort service.

I tried to encourage him to purchase my business kit, when out of the blue he asks me, “Do you suggest the guys that own and run an escort business have sex or mess around with the females that work for them or not a good idea?”

I told him 100%, NO, it’s NOT a good idea for numerous reasons.

These sexual predators will try to find any way to abuse women & this guy is just one example. Now granted I’m at least glad he asked me, but that doesn’t assure me he won’t start an escort agency & then take advantage of his escorts, threaten or coerce them, or just outright sexually abuse them.

If you are an escort who works for an escort agency where the owner (usually a man, but women can do this too) is forcing you or even manipulating you into having sex with him or others against your will, PLEASE let me know. They are NOT there to take advantage of your services, they are there to be your agent, NOTHING MORE.

I will put them on my badlist.

Escorts, do NOT let these people take advantage of YOU!



Should you escort & run an escort service at the same time?

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

I will answer this question should you escort & run an escort service at the same time?

In my opinion, I don’t feel escorts should run an escort agency at the same time they are escorting & here’s why:

  1. Your job as an escort agency owner is to get as many calls for your girls as possible. If you are giving the best calls to yourself, you aren’t setting a professional example to your escorts.
  2. Escorts should feel they have a fair chance at getting calls. If you are both escorting & manning the phones, the escorts will never feel you have their back.
  3. Nothing causes more strife within an agency than the owner or phone person playing favorites to certain escorts. Again, escorts shouldn’t feel there is any favoritism UNLESS it’s because one escort is a great worker, whereas maybe another one isn’t. Then in that case, yes, I would play favorites, as it’s my job to make the clients happy & send out the best escort so he will call my escort service back.

The bottom line is, once you decide to switch from escorting to becoming an escort agency owner, you need to jump in with both feet & switch hats, not sit on the fence & go back & forth between escorting & running an escort agency.

Hope that helps you.


Your Most Trusted Advisor in the Escort Industry


What’s the average age of an escort

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

How old do you have to be to become an escort?

So I often get asked the question about how old is too old when deciding if you should become an escort.

Well first of all in some states, provinces & countries you have to be at least 18, & in others it’s 21. When I ran my escort agencies it was 18 for me, although there were times when I felt that was too young because the girl was just too naive. Today 18 year olds are generally going on 30, so things are a bit different.

At what age is too old to become an escort?

Well years ago I would have told you that 30 was the cut off age, but in the last 10 years things have changed. More & more younger men want to be with older women & while I don’t like the term “MILF”, it’s a common term online.

Just to give you an example of who’s purchased my escorting business kit – my oldest client is 63 years old & I have a few others who are in their late 50’s. Oh & by the way, the 63 year old has steady work, because her clients don’t want to be with someone who can’t even carry on a conversation. Remember I told you that escorting ISN’T just about sex, contrary to what everyone tells you.

The bottom line about age & escorting

If you don’t feel you are the most mature 18-21 year old, I DON’T recommend you start working as an escort. One needs maturity in this industry otherwise it can eat you alive.

And if you are over 30 or even hitting 60, but you are attractive, outgoing & you like men & are open minded, I’d say go for it. But of course as a I always say, NEVER jump into escorting until you’ve educated by someone who knows what they are talking about. You need to know what to expect, this isn’t a waitressing job. You also need to learn all my screening procedures.

Hope this helps you!



Is life as an escort degrading?

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

In my opinion, life as an escort should NOT be degrading. Not unless you feel working as an escort is something to be ashamed of.

I always tell anyone who wants to get into the escort industry, “If you are ONLY doing this for the money, DON’T become an escort.”

There has to be a reason you feel you will make a good escort such as:

  • You enjoy being in the company of men and maybe even couples
  • You are a passionate person who’s open minded and you love to have fun
  • You are a good listener and you know how to make people open up to you
  • You don’t care what other people think about you, you care about what you think of yourself

These are just some of the traits a really good escort needs in order to become a great escort, PLUS having these traits will give you the much needed confidence so you won’t feel it’s degrading to become an escort.

So any escort who tells you it’s degrading to work as an escort has either taken the wrong path working as an escort & was probably a hooker so she always beat herself up working as an escort, or the person hasn’t worked as an escort, but is just full of fear, is controlling, & is the type that judges others.

You are the only one who should decide what is good for your life & you can’t do that unless you have all of the facts which is why I NEVER recommend anyone become an escort until she’s read my educational business kit.

As you escort industry expert, it’s part of my job to try & help you figure out if you are suited to become a successful escort.

Let me know if I can help you in any way.



Are escorts sex workers?

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Escorts for companionship

I personally don’t believe that escorts fall into the category of sex workers. In fact, that very term puts off a lot of females from entering into the escort industry.

Escorts don’t provide sex all of the time, so to assume they do is just ignorant. Yes escorts have to be very open minded, but there’s so much more to being an escort than everything sexual.

While I don’t discount sex workers & their place in society, I just don’t feel we should paint the escort industry with the same brush.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are many hookers that end up calling themselves escorts or even courtesans. They represent the sleaze part of the escort industry. Lying about the service one provides is unfortunately a part of human behavior, just look at the hundreds of thousands of so called freelance workers online. Most of them lie about their skill set & hookers lying about being escorts is no different.

One has to feel they are providing a personable service, not just the sex act. When you feel  you are providing just sex, then in my opinion, you start to demean yourself. Not that I feel there’s anything wrong with sex, there’s just so much more to life.

Escorting is about companionship.


Exotic Publishing

Escorts who want to be high class, but aren’t in that league

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Back before the Internet the lines were much more clear about who was a hooker & who was an escort.

Hookers trolled the streets & escorts worked indoors either for an escort service or independently for themselves.

Then along came the Internet which changed everything.

While the Internet is a very positive medium on many levels, I feel it’s both a positive & negative for the escort industry & here’s why:

  1. A lot of the hookers who are just selling sex came off the streets onto the Internet. This now means customers who hire escorts really don’t understand what a true escort is all about.
  2. The same thing is true for pimps. While I’m not saying that the escort industry was free from pimps pre-internet, it’s just a lot easier now for a pimp like person (usually a male, but not always) to start an escort service & hurt the escorts or even the customers.
  3. Escorts have to be so much more careful now in who they see as a client.
  4. Escorts have to be leery of other escorts too. I consider them to be hooker types who steal escort’s photos using them as their own & stabbing other escorts in the back. Again, while this happened before, it’s much more evident now than before.
  5. Then there’s all the escorts who are average who lie about their skill set as an escort. They claim to be courtesans or high class escorts when they don’t know the first thing about being one.
  6. The positives is that escorts can find a larger pool of clients, but not necessarily the good ones. When the Internet first started becoming popular, it was a well known fact that the men you found on the Internet were much more civilized & had more money.

    Now the opposite may be true since escorts are having to deal with soooo many cheap skates who want hooker pricing or just play games thinking they can get a freebie.

Again, we had these problems in the escort industry before, it’s just become much more of a problem since the Internet since there’s sooo much more competition then there was before & that’s one last negative, the amount of competition that’s out there.

BUT, if you are  customer looking to hire an escort, the benefit to you is selection & if you read my book on “How to hire an escort”, you will be steps ahead of everyone else & feel like you know what you are doing. The negative of that is too much selection can make your head spin.

Wishing you all the best in the escort industry.


Exotic Publishing

Do you have to be a model?

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

When working as an escort,
do you have to have model looks?

No you don’t have to look like a model to work as an escort, but obviously the better you look the more money you should eventually make.

Many of my escorts were not model types. In fact most were girl next door types.

Also a misnomer is that if an escort looks gorgeous, she’s a great escort. NOPE, not true at all!

Being a great escort requires a lot more than just a pretty face & body.

So while I’m not suggesting you purposely go out of your way to look dowdy, I don’t want you to think you can’t eventually become a great escort just because you DON’T think you look like a model. I mean let’s face it, how many females think they look like models?

Not many.

Hope this helps to put your concerns to rest.


P.S. One thing you do need to do though is educate yourself BEFORE you start working as an escort. I NEVER suggest you take a chance & start working as an escort cold turkey without proper training.

What are the top 5 reasons to see an escort?

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

What are the top 5 reasons to see an escort?

So this is my list, nothing that I’ve gotten from my data, but please do fill out this survey if you are a client who hires escorts.

  1. Intimacy is clearly number one. While people think this is just about sex, they are wrong. Many men want to be heard, want to divulge their secrets to someone who will understand. If you find the right escort for you, this is exactly what you should get.
  2. Experimentation – they want to educate themselves more sexually. Many people are with spouses or partners who either have no libido, or don’t like to experiment sexually. I feel people have the right to experiment sexually, it’s part of our nature so long as it’s all consensual & no one gets so seriously hurt, that they have to land in the hospital.
  3. Unhappy marriage – there is emotional distance & the person doesn’t want to end the marriage, but wants to feel understood, appreciated & have intimacy.
  4. Wants to feel understood – many men & yes, even women don’t feel they can be themselves around everyone in their lives (spouse, co-workers, friends, family, etc.), but they feel safe when seeing an escort.
  5. Too busy with career, want companionship without having to date.
  6. Traveling businessman – never in one place long enough to cultivate a relationship. The perfect solution to loneliness (assuming you find the perfect escort for you)
  7. Geek type – socially is afraid of women, yet of course needs companionship as we all do. Escorts can be there for this type of person.
  8. It’s less expensive to hire an escort than to marry someone. While I don’t believe an escort can EVER replace a long term relationship partner, with all the divorces out there, men are correct, it is definitely cheaper to hire an escort & see her on an ongoing basis than take on a wife.
  9. Dating – Doesn’t want to have to spend money on date after date with no idea if it will go anywhere. Again, ends up being less expensive to just hire the right escort.
  10. Disabled person – doesn’t feel he can get a woman or he’s tried & had no success because of his problems. A good caring escort will not judge a disabled person.
  11. Virgin – too scared to get a girlfriend, wants to learn first & gain some confidence. An experienced good escort will fill that need.

If you have any other reasons you’d like to include, please give me a shout.

If you’d like to sign up for my list for when my book, “How to hire an escort” is complete, please discretely sign up here

Discretion is your middle name

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Discretion should be the middle name of EVERYONE who works in the escort industry, especially escorts & escort service owners.

Clients rely upon us to keep their name out of the paper, off the TV, out of the media, etc., but recently I’ve seen too many escorts opening their mouths for their own self interests.

Granted most of these escorts weren’t the ones who initially leaked the story to the media in the first place & some were hounded by the media, but still, they eventually came forward & some even said some insulting things about their clients.

If a client is abusive I can understand, but if he isn’t, one of your jobs as an escort is to keep your mouth SHUT! Even if the media is all over the story because your client is famous, you need to be the bigger person here & not fuel the fire.

If you know you have a big mouth & you like to gossip, the escort profession is NOT for you.

I’m not too alarmed – there’s only been a small percentage of escorts who have opened their mouths in the grand scheme of things. I am taking into account the MANY men, women & couples who sees escorts that no one knows about. BUT, I don’t want escorts to think that just because other escorts opened their mouths, that it’s okay for them to do the same.


Spitzer & CNN

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

While I have no opinion on Spitzer hiring escorts as that’s his choice & it’s between him & his wife what he does in their relationship, what I DO have a problem with is society having one set of rules for escorts & escort services, and ANOTHER set of rules for people with money & power (political or otherwise).

Yes he was an ass making the escort industry laws even more egregious while he was in power all the while seeing escorts, but some people are just stupid asses. We can’t do anything about that, & clearly he felt he had to put on a show to society pretending to be someone he’s not, but then again, I heard that he was an ass to the escorts too, so back when I had my escort agency, I would NEVER have allowed him to see my girls if I knew he was treating them this way.

I am NOT signing this petition because I want Spitzer to go to jail, I’m signing it to make a point, that NO ONE should be charged for running an escort agency (service), working as an escort, OR seeing an escort.

What we do in our PRIVATE LIVES is OUR BUSINESS, not the government’s, not the court’s, NOT the police’s business.

It’s a joke that the government pretends religion has no sway in what laws the government comes up with. Come on, who’s kidding who here. You are forcing us ALL to play by your so called religious rules even though MANY religious people ALSO see escorts. Freedom of religion? What about freedom to have NO RELIGION?

You can’t REPRESS your sexuality, if you do, it will just come back to haunt you.

(when will they ever learn she says – while rolling her eyes in the air)

This archaic repressed way of thinking has got to STOP IN AMERICA! The only other countries soooo repressed when it comes to the escort industry are usually Arabic or Muslim countries!

So, America sits side by side with this controlling, judgmental, close minded way of thinking & it’s currently 2010!

We’ve come a long way people – NOT!

If you agree, please sign this petition to make a point.

Thank you

Exotic Publishing