New Orleans Ignoring The Sex Workers

So once again government isn’t listening and this time it’s New Orleans Ignoring The Sex Workers

The article goes on to discuss how it plans to close down all the independently owned strip clubs due to gentrification. It wants to leave ONLY the larger Hustler style strip clubs that have all the BIG BUCKS. This means any stripper who wants to start her own strip club can’t.

They are also trying to raise the minimum age so that girls can’t get work.

I get that they are trying to clean up the French Quarter of New Orleans, but to make all these changes to the strip clubs without even consulting the strippers is once again just stupidity. It just further proves how little regard they have for adult entertainment workers. How can you change things to the adult entertainment industry WITHOUT talking to the workers themselves and understanding the FULL picture.

The girls say they are once again using anti trafficking laws to try and prove their case. Every time someone wants to shut down something to do with the adult entertainment industry, they use anti trafficking laws to try and prove their case. Even if the situation has NOTHING to do with sex trafficking, they still use that excuse because people outside the adult entertainment industry are oblivious to the truth and of course it makes sensational headlines and creates fear.

I’m proud of the strippers actually. Once they heard what was going on, they took it upon themselves to show up at a counsel meeting and spoke for two hours. This changed the mind of at least one planning commissioner.

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