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Do escorts work on Christmas?

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

On another site someone asked a good question –
Do escorts work on Christmas?


The question a client wanted to know - Do escorts work on Christmas?


Here was my answer:


Some escorts do work on Christmas yes, & keep in mind that they charge more on Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, & New Years day.


Because there isn’t a huge selection of escorts working on these holidays & many escort services close down early or close down altogether, I suggest you book as much in advance as possible.


Hope that helped you.


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Suzy Favor Hamilton worked as an escort

Monday, December 24th, 2012

So we all found out the other day that
Suzy Favor Hamilton worked as an escort

Suzy Favor Hamilton working as an escort

Before I give you the full article on Suzy Favor Hamilton working as an escort, I want to state my piece…

I don’t know Suzy, so I can’t say for certain what is in her mind, but she probably had state she was emotionally unstable in order to get the press & family off her back.

It disgusts me how judgmental society is just because this was the career path she chose. What lengths people have to go through to lie in order to hide the fact that they find NOTHING wrong with working as an escort.

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Suzy Hamilton having worked as an escort. Being in the Olympics doesn’t preclude you from living life. Suzy is a human being just like all of us, & if she chose to become an escort, this is HER business.

The biggest mistake Suzy Favor Hamilton made before starting her escorting career, was NOT educating herself & I blogged about that here.

You can NOT just jump into escorting without learning the ins & outs of the escort industry. Doing so may cause you emotional damage like we can see here.

My heart goes out to Suzy for what she has to go through because someone disclosed her identity. If she ever wants to talk, I’m here for her.

Now here is the story the public is reading



How to be an Escort

Monday, December 24th, 2012

When most females become an escort,
they have no idea how to be an escort

This is VERY dangerous & I’ll tell you why.

  1. You will make mistakes that can ruin your entire life.
  2. While working as an escort if you don’t screen properly you can get hurt physically.
  3. You can get hurt emotionally while escorting.
  4. Since you didn’t prepare & educate yourself, your naivety will show through to clients who can tell a newbie a mile away, and they can take advantage of you.
  5. You will most probably lose a lot of money.

how to be an escort

These are just some of the reasons why you absolutely NEED to educate yourself before you start working as an escort.

You need to learn how to be an escort from someone like me who has been in the escort industry since 1989.

I want you to read this story about Suzy Favor Hamilton.

She got into the escort industry & didn’t know what she was doing & it ruined her life.

NOT because she was doing anything wrong working as an escort, but because she didn’t educate herself before starting the work.

I feel for all the girls out there who do NOT take this profession seriously & just enter the escort industry & wing it.

Please be smart & learn how to be an escort by first reading over my business kit educating girls how to become that professional escort. The small cost is the BEST investment you will make in your escort career.

You can e-mail me with any questions you have about how to be an escort after you take a look at my site.