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Tips For Escorts Who Are Considering Going On Tour

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Are you thinking of going on tour as an escort?

Here are some Tips For Escorts Who Want to Go On Tour

Going on tour is both a potentially exciting and lucrative way to sell your escort services, especially if you are going on tour in cities where you have a the chance to make much more money then the town you reside in; Touring as an escort also gives you the chance to see other parts of the world that you might never seen before.

Here are some tips for escorts who are considering going on tour.

  •  Investigate the rates that escorts charge in the area(s) which you are considering to travel to. The best bets for ladies from smaller towns are major cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco etc. The costs of living in these places are very high, so you potential clients will not balk at paying much more then you have been earning in the city you live in.
  • Investigate the advertising options in the city.Find out where most of the escorts advertise in the city you are traveling to, as it varies from town to town.In Atlanta, you might find most of the escorts on Eros, while in San Francisco they might be on a local escort mall like My Red Book.
  • Investigate the legal situation in the town you are thinking of traveling: (you should check out the Licensing & Laws 101 Packagefor that)Certain cities are more into busting escorts then others. The police in more liberal cities like San Francisco or large cities like New York and Los Angeles are less likely to be planning a sting then those in the Midwestern or Southern states. Smaller towns in the United States have a police force that has less to do than those in cities like New York or Los Angeles.

By following these three tips, you can better prepare yourself for making your escort tour a success and please don’t forget that you still need to screen very carefully. You can learn how to do this by learning from my Screening Package.

What’s the average age of an escort

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

How old do you have to be to become an escort?

So I often get asked the question about how old is too old when deciding if you should become an escort.

Well first of all in some states, provinces & countries you have to be at least 18, & in others it’s 21. When I ran my escort agencies it was 18 for me, although there were times when I felt that was too young because the girl was just too naive. Today 18 year olds are generally going on 30, so things are a bit different.

At what age is too old to become an escort?

Well years ago I would have told you that 30 was the cut off age, but in the last 10 years things have changed. More & more younger men want to be with older women & while I don’t like the term “MILF”, it’s a common term online.

Just to give you an example of who’s purchased my escorting business kit – my oldest client is 63 years old & I have a few others who are in their late 50’s. Oh & by the way, the 63 year old has steady work, because her clients don’t want to be with someone who can’t even carry on a conversation. Remember I told you that escorting ISN’T just about sex, contrary to what everyone tells you.

The bottom line about age & escorting

If you don’t feel you are the most mature 18-21 year old, I DON’T recommend you start working as an escort. One needs maturity in this industry otherwise it can eat you alive.

And if you are over 30 or even hitting 60, but you are attractive, outgoing & you like men & are open minded, I’d say go for it. But of course as a I always say, NEVER jump into escorting until you’ve educated by someone who knows what they are talking about. You need to know what to expect, this isn’t a waitressing job. You also need to learn all my screening procedures.

Hope this helps you!



Is life as an escort degrading?

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

In my opinion, life as an escort should NOT be degrading. Not unless you feel working as an escort is something to be ashamed of.

I always tell anyone who wants to get into the escort industry, “If you are ONLY doing this for the money, DON’T become an escort.”

There has to be a reason you feel you will make a good escort such as:

  • You enjoy being in the company of men and maybe even couples
  • You are a passionate person who’s open minded and you love to have fun
  • You are a good listener and you know how to make people open up to you
  • You don’t care what other people think about you, you care about what you think of yourself

These are just some of the traits a really good escort needs in order to become a great escort, PLUS having these traits will give you the much needed confidence so you won’t feel it’s degrading to become an escort.

So any escort who tells you it’s degrading to work as an escort has either taken the wrong path working as an escort & was probably a hooker so she always beat herself up working as an escort, or the person hasn’t worked as an escort, but is just full of fear, is controlling, & is the type that judges others.

You are the only one who should decide what is good for your life & you can’t do that unless you have all of the facts which is why I NEVER recommend anyone become an escort until she’s read my educational business kit.

As you escort industry expert, it’s part of my job to try & help you figure out if you are suited to become a successful escort.

Let me know if I can help you in any way.



People stealing escorts pics

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

I’ve been informed that this guy is a total asshole. He flaunts the fact that he can steal escorts’ pictures and get away with it.

Here are his sites. Whatever you do, do NOT click on anything on his site just in case it gives him money.