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Repeat clients need to still be screened

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Escorts, do you screen your repeat clientele?

One thing most of us in the escort industry seem to forget, is that even if a client is great one month, who knows how they will treat you a few months or a year down the road.

That’s why as an independent escort, you have to re-screen your regular clients.

You may not have to screen them as hard, or you may already have some of his information on file so you don’t have to take everything down from scratch again, but you shouldn’t assume that just because you saw him before, that everything will be okay and you should let him slide.

A recent nightmare repeat client

I had this very experience with an escort client. She was already a client from almost a year ago which was great, but when she went to purchase from me again, she didn’t respond to my e-mails or phone calls quickly (I’d get one response per day) & then she started complaining when I had to re-screen her because she had moved plus I had another quick screening procedure I had recently implemented.

After chasing her for 5 days straight, needless to say I was PISSED!

Then she started disrespecting me by putting me down & tried to tell me how to run my business trying to take over MY screening process.

Those types of clients are the worst. They think they know better than YOU how to run your escort business. Do NOT let these arrogant clients try to control you. If they don’t respect you enough to follow your screening process, then they aren’t a quality client & you should just ditch them. Respect yourself enough to say adios.

The Escort Screening Package

If you haven’t already purchased my screening package via my main site here, I STRONGLY recommend you get it. It will make a world of difference in protecting yourself both from scary or time wasting clients, but also protecting yourself from LE.

While working as an escort, you can’t afford not to have a proper screening process in place.