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Quote I have to re quote…

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

So I was reading posts on a new article regarding the escort industry & I have to repost this just because it makes so much sense…

“This is so un-American. We are a capitalist society, fueled by consumerism. With what other commodity do we say “you can give it away for free, but if you buy/sell it, you’ll get jail time”? ”

Thanks FreeSwingingSoul



Spanish Escorts take a Stand

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Nothing impresses me more than when someone in the escort industry takes a stand against close minded judgmental or mean spirited people. When an escort isn’t afraid of her profession, I applaud her. When I see several escorts all doing the same thing, I grin from ear to ear.

I know it’s hard if you are in the US, but we should all aspire to behave like these escorts in this article below. We MUST take a stand against oppressors & small minded people & there are many.

Spanish Escorts taking a stand against bankers

Banking services withdrawn: Madrid escorts declare sex war

Madrid’s high-class escorts have found a way to regulate the Spanish banking sector. The ladies want to have their say in the economy by withholding sexual pleasures from bank employees.

The largest trade association for luxury escorts in the Spanish capital has gone on a general and indefinite strike on sexual services for bankers until they go back to providing credits to Spanish families, small- and medium-size enterprises and companies.

It all started with one of the ladies who forced one of her clients to grant a line credit and a loan simply by halting her sexual services until he “fulfills his responsibility to society.”

The trade association’s spokeswoman praised their success by stressing the government and the Bank of Spain have previously failed to adjust the credit flow.

“We are the only ones with a real ability to pressure the sector,” she stated. “We have been on strike for three days now and we don’t think they can withstand much more.”

She has revealed that bankers have made some pitiful attempts to use their services by pretending to be engineers or architects.

“But they don’t fool anyone since it has been many years since these professionals could afford rates that start from 300 euro an hour,” she continued.

The bankers reportedly became so desperate that they even decided to call in the government for mediation.

The Mexican website, which initially published the story, cites the Minister of Economy and Competitiveness as admitting that the lack of legislation regulating the escort sector makes it very difficult for the government to intercede in the conflict.

“In fact, there has not even been a formal communication of the strike — the escorts are making use of their right of admission or denying entry to…well, you know. So no one can negotiate,” he was quoted as saying.

There is way more to being an escort than providing sex

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Although I already knew this & have been preaching this for several years, I’m very happy they did a study on it.

While some men are ONLY looking for sex from escorts, the good ones go with their emotions.

This can be somewhat complicated for an escort which is why you need to learn how to handle clients when they get too emotional.

Overall this is positive news for our escort industry.

the girlfriend experience with an escortTurns out, men who pay prostitutes for sex also want to cuddle, according to a new study that found regular “johns” often develop feelings of romance and love toward their paid sex providers.

Encounters between prostitutes and clients have come to resemble quasi-dating relationships, American researchers Christine Milrod and Ronald Weitzer say, who analyzed 2,442 postings on a website where more than a million registered members read and post reviews of sex workers.

They found approximately a third of them contained “discussions of emotional intimacy” between prostitutes and clients, many of whom expressed a desire for an emotional connection beyond the sex.

There’s even a name for it: The girlfriend experience (GFE). The connection is genuine but limited by time constraints and the small matter of the exchange of money for service.

“Sex remains part of the service, but it is coupled with mutual sharing, support and companionship,” the authors said.

For clients looking for the GFE, “cuddling, kissing and being emotionally cared for is often desired,” the study found. “The men also pride themselves on their ability to provide pleasure to the sex worker.”

A small number of men fall in love with their sex provider and come to believe she reciprocates their feelings. Some even hope to expand the relationship to marriage.

The study was published in a recent edition of the research journal Men and Masculinities.

Discrimination against a prostitute or escort in Australia

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

I for one applaud the escort for sticking up for herself & the judge who is CLEARLY smart enough to see discrimination for what it is.

Who cares about the politics, this is about being NON judgmental & enlightened. Kudos Australia.

CANBERRA, Australia — Prostitutes have the right to work from motel rooms in an Australian state, a court said after finding the owner’s refusal to rent to a sex worker was discriminatory.

The ruling in the northeastern state of Queensland has stunned hotel and motel owners, who thought they had a right to decide what sort of businesses were operating from their premises.

The prostitute, identified as G.K., had taken her discrimination case against the Drovers Rest Motel in the coal mining town of Moranbah to the Queensland state Civil and Administrative Tribunal after management refused to rent her a room.

The 3 1/2-star motel’s lawyer, David Edwards, said Wednesday that the court notified him this week that it had upheld the prostitute’s claim of discrimination. Edwards confirmed she is seeking damages, which The Australian newspaper reported to be 30,000 Australian dollars ($32,000).

The tribunal’s reasons for its decision have not yet been made public. But prostitution is legal in Queensland, and discrimination based on lawful sexual activity is outlawed.

High-End Escorts Expect Big Business During the RNC

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Like all HUGE conventions, trade shows, etc., sometimes there’s just too much competition & not enough return on an escort’s investment to advertise more & travel to the city where the convention is being held.

Yes the Republican National Convention offers a high end pool of potential customers, but unless you are well known, high end & know how to attract these types of customers, the expense may not be worth it.

Of course if you live in the city, this is a bonus for you.

Either way you need to make sure your site reflects the keywords needed to draw in the potential customers who want to see escorts.


High-End Escorts Expect Big Business During the RNC


“Fifty-thousand people are expected to pour into Tampa for the Republican National Convention. By day, they’re expected to attend meetings, patronize shops, and fill restaurants. By night, high-end escorts hope some convention goers will be spending …”


If you are an independent escort & you have the the extra money for the investment to to travel to where the RNC is being held, I say go for it. Just make sure you understand you need to be the type they are looking for & SCREEN SCREEN SCREEN.


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Games not the same for London prostitutes

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

While prostitutes seemed to make tons of money during the Olympics back in the days of 336 B.C., today’s Olympics seems to always be a much bigger issue, as the country usually tries to flex its muscles trying to crack down on brothels, escort services & independent escorts.

That & the attendants to the Olympic Games seem to be playing games of another kind.


Games not the same for London prostitutes

London Free Press

““During the Olympics,” notes one of those sites: “We understand that it is very important to offer an escort service that is very … discreet.” Calls to several of the services drew a very discreet response. They all hung up. Georgina Perry, who works …”


It’s still very hard for me to understand this immature game playing mentality society has when it comes to the escort industry.



Are escorts sex workers?

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Escorts for companionship

I personally don’t believe that escorts fall into the category of sex workers. In fact, that very term puts off a lot of females from entering into the escort industry.

Escorts don’t provide sex all of the time, so to assume they do is just ignorant. Yes escorts have to be very open minded, but there’s so much more to being an escort than everything sexual.

While I don’t discount sex workers & their place in society, I just don’t feel we should paint the escort industry with the same brush.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are many hookers that end up calling themselves escorts or even courtesans. They represent the sleaze part of the escort industry. Lying about the service one provides is unfortunately a part of human behavior, just look at the hundreds of thousands of so called freelance workers online. Most of them lie about their skill set & hookers lying about being escorts is no different.

One has to feel they are providing a personable service, not just the sex act. When you feel  you are providing just sex, then in my opinion, you start to demean yourself. Not that I feel there’s anything wrong with sex, there’s just so much more to life.

Escorting is about companionship.


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