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Should Escorts work for Escort Services?

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

I want to give my point of view on this question because it kind of upsets me to read that some independent escorts tell females who want to become escorts that it’s NOT okay to work for an escort service (agency).

I feel that when first starting out, every escort should work for an escort agency. Many of those will continue to work for escort services throughout their entire career.

What I do say though is that you should work for the RIGHT escort service.

Unfortunately these days too many escort agencies are run by dysfunctional females, or pimps. There are also many guys who open escort agencies just to get free sex & abuse these girls. So, it may appear that working for an escort service is the wrong way to go, but that’s ONLY if you fall into the trap of working for one of these types.

That’s why reading my “How to Become a Successful Escort” business kit is a MUST so you can protect yourself & learn both how to be an agency escort, or an independent escort.

This way you will know what to look for when trying to find a professional ethical escort agency just like the one I used to run. When you first start out working as an escort, you need to understand what it feels like & jumping right into becoming an independent escort can be a VERY scary thing if you don’t even understand the basics.

I’m not saying NEVER become an independent escort, I’m just saying at least start off working for an escort service. Understand all the things that not only an escort has to do, but also what the escort agency itself has to do.

Not to upset anyone, but I feel that 80% of all escorts aren’t cut out to be an independent escort & aren’t able to run their escort business properly. Most aren’t intelligent enough & the customers can see this because I hear complaint after complaint about how they call the independent escorts & she never calls them back, is rude, gives them a terrible service, etc. Remember, when taking on the task of being an independent,  you are essentially running a business & running a business properly is hard work.

Again, I’m not saying that some escort services don’t treat customers the same way, I’m just saying it’s a lot harder for anyone (intelligent or not) to run the 2 sides of the business.

  1. Seeing the clients (that’s a full time job all unto itself)
  2. Running the back-end of the business (again, another full time job)

I know if it were me, I wouldn’t want the headache of doing both because it would be pretty hard to do both very well.

Some escorts say it’s wrong to give a percentage of the profits to the escort agency & I question why they think that way.

If the escort service owner isn’t doing a good job of:

  1. advertising the escort agency
  2. protecting the escorts
  3. running the escort business smoothly
  4. booking the calls & streamlining the procedure

then YES, I agree with the escorts who make these statements, BUT, that’s not how a professional escort service should run & that’s certainly not how I educate my clients in my Platinum Mentorship Package business kit how to run a professional ethical escort service.

So if the escort agency is running their business in a proper manner, no escort should fear working for them & they certainly shouldn’t be complaining about paying them a commission for doing all that hard work.

I know that when I ran my escort agency, I worked VERY VERY hard for all of my escorts. So hard in fact I worked 7 days per week.

So please have an open mind & understand both sides of the coin before making judgments that are incorrect or negative.

Hope this helps educate you. smile


Calling all Escorts & Escort Service Owners

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Calling all Escorts & Escort Service (Agency) Owners…

What information, products or services do you need to run your escort business the way you want it?

What products are you currently using that you wish you could switch from?

Tell us your dream scenario by filling out this survey here…

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Escort Customers – Where do you find escorts to hire?

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

If you are a client who sees escorts, we want to hear from you.

Please click here to fill out this survey so we can better understand your needs in finding escorts.

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