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Thursday, December 31st, 2009

I have to talk about the subject of infidelity because it just amazes me how immature society within America really is.

While I in NO WAY feel that cheating on one’s spouse, common-law or girl/boyfriend is a positive way to have a relationship, I say GIVE ME A BREAK.

First of all, humans weren’t meant to be monogamous, many ions ago the church decided that’s how they would control their people, so they brainwashed everyone into behaving like they were told. Well you can’t squeeze a square peg into a round hole, so that’s the first thing. And, most men like variety in women.

That coupled with the commonly known fact that over time numerous relationships on both sides die down in the sex & excitement department, & it’s just a given that people are going to cheat.

AND, people think ONLY men cheat which is ridiculous. Do you know how many women cheat on their husbands online?

Do you know how many women have given birth to other men’s children over the last 3000 years & their husbands thought the children were theirs?

My point is, if humans weren’t meant to be monogamous, then they WILL seek out other partners. I say it’s better for them to see escorts where there is little to no emotional attachment, then a mistress that may go crazy on him & not just ruin his life, but hurt his family.

It just sickens me every single time I see the news media plastering famous people’s infidelity all over the Internet like they are now doing with Tiger Woods, AND then the people who respond to the articles by commenting giving shit to these people who cheated, as if they went out & murdered or raped someone.

I’m not saying it doesn’t hurt his wife or children, but it’s THAT family’s business, NOT the entire US of A’s, I don’t care how famous the guy is. That doesn’t give you guys the right to hound him, string him up by his heels & burn him at the stake like you have done for soooo many centuries. This is the year 2010 isn’t it??? Maybe I’m just imagining the year.

In many countries within Europe (especially France), men have mistresses, & their wives know about it & have no problem with it, but once again, North Americans are uncultured, judgmental & love to cast their wrath down upon others instead of minding their own business & working on their OWN relationships.

And then you wonder why there is so much violence, divorce & unhappiness within North America. Look in the mirror people!


End of my rant


How the powerful take advantage of the escort industry

Friday, December 18th, 2009

This post isn’t meant to scare anyone, rather, it’s meant to bring light to a problem that needs to be dealt with.

Not all countries treat escorts & escort services the same, in this post I’m talking mainly about the US & Canada.

Here are some examples of how the escort industry is stuck in a rut & is being controlled by society’s closed mindedness.

  1. It’s a commonly known fact that the police don’t care about escorts, they often laugh & think they are garbage, so if an escort is in trouble, who does she turn to?Escorts & escort agency owners are human beings just like anyone else. I of course don’t feel they are doing anything wrong. The only people who think they are doing something wrong are the closed minded, judgmental people who love to lump everyone into the same category instead of looking at each situation on its own merit. You also get religious fanatics that use religion to control others & then there are people who use one escort’s negative experience to making a sweeping statement that ALL escorts will have negative experiences. That’s just pure ignorance about life in general, not just about this particular topic.It’s unfortunate, but in the States & in some areas in Canada, the cops often threaten escorts and the owners of escort agencies. They force the girls to sleep with them (or I’ll arrest you), or they tell escort service owners they should get freebies otherwise they will close them down.In my opinion, this extortion is no different than what the mafia does.

    Note: NOT all cops are like this, but I’ve heard enough stories to know it’s not an isolated incident.

    I almost got ill when I first started to hear these stories.

    It was disgusting to me!

  2. While this isn’t the same situation, nothing irks me more, than powerful politicians or men who affect the laws hire escorts, & then go around arresting escorts & escort agency owners. I’m not stupid, clearly they can’t advertise to the public that they are seeing escorts, but if they choose to see escorts, occupying that position that negatively affects the escort industry is just plain wrong & of course hypocritical. Once again, I see nothing wrong with them hiring escorts, this is their personal choice as a human being, what I have a problem with is them continuing to skirt the issue that should have been made legalized years ago.While Canada is way more open minded about escorts & escort services, we all know that the most close minded of ALL the countries worldwide (besides the Muslim countries) is the US.They use the “it’s bad for you” moralistic judgments to tell you as a human being what is right or wrong for you. Guess what, they have no right or place to do that. Every human being is different, & every human being gets to choose what is right or wrong for themselves because they know better what is right & wrong for them.Even if it was wrong in some situations, we as human beings are allowed to even make mistakes in order to learn & grow. That’s why we are “supposed” to be FREE SPIRITS.
  3. North American society essentially drives the escort industry underground so that it is sometimes FORCED to deal with the criminals of society. When I ran my 2 escort agencies, I was naive at first & didn’t realize I’d be up against not only the police & society, but also trying to keep bad seeds away from my escort business. Drivers who threaten because they don’t like being fired, escorts’ boyfriends or husbands (some are pimps, some are pimp like) causing a whole bunch of problems, psycho escorts tearing the hair out of your head because they didn’t understand pay day was one day delayed because of the long weekend, or escorts stealing your money.An aside: I must pause for a second about the stealing. While we may thing & assume that stealing ONLY goes on in these types of industries, I just learned the other day that 75% of ALL employees steal from their employers, so don’t get on your high horse & say “you get what you deserve“. Difference is, the police will care when an employee steals from a mainstream business, but generally won’t care when it happens to an escort service owner.Back to the post: As I got smarter it was easier for me, but I can tell you now that you need to be strong, & not let bullies try & take you over.Escort Agencies can be robbed (it’s usually an inside job) & the people in the office can be beaten or held at gun point & do you think the police care? No, they expect this kind of thing to happen & they feel the owners deserve it.

    Those are the people who are supposed to be protecting ALL citizens.

    My point is, if you lump everyone together as criminals, you will get criminal behavior. It’s that simple & if drivers, escorts & phone people think they can get away with this behavior, there will be these problems.

    I wasn’t a criminal, didn’t want to be one & I was proud to be running a professional ethical escort service. I just happened to be a VERY open minded entrepreneur. Nothing wrong with that.

    So I say TAKE A STAND!

    Don’t let others tell you what you can & can’t do. Don’t let society’s views of the escort industry bring down the industry altogether.

    These people in society are just bullies trying to get you to conform to their view of the world. They spend all their waking hours trying to get people to be “moral” when they themselves are usually the most immoral of them all because there’s nothing loving about judging other humans.

    When law enforcement acts stupid & doesn’t protect the escort service like they would protect any other business, you end up dealing with people who have to fight by any means necessary, & that produces more crime. It’s COMMON SENSE. That’s how it was with prohibition, that’s how it is with the drug industry. It will never get better so long as you outlaw it, but hey, if tax payers want to waste their money on trying to fight a losing battle, well then…

    The other day on TV someone said, “the US has a really hard time learning from History”, & I agree. Instead of expanding & growing to accommodate change, the US has a tendency to bend over backwards to keep everyone the same way they were years ago. I feel it’s mainly because of the dogmatic religious people who think they are better than everyone else & have the right to point that so called “moral finger” at everyone else.

    Even the people who aren’t religious think they know & preach how others should behave. This is usually because they have no life, so they are constantly trying to butt their nose into everyone else’s business.

    Well guess what…

    That’s not how the world works, & one day escorts & escort agencies WILL be allowed to operate in peace & run an ethical professional business just like any other.

If you are one of the many who is open minded, you are a leader (NOT A FOLLOWER), & you wish to make change in the escort industry, please sign up here. Once my escort association is up & running, you will be notified.

Even if you help in the background, that’s better than ignoring the issues.

And of course, discretion is my middle name!

Thank you


My Gift to you for the Holiday Season 2009

Monday, December 14th, 2009

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