Hi everyone,

This escort blog is a sub section of my site – www.becomeanescort.com (Become a Successful Escort) & I welcome you to add your opinions to any posts you find interesting. I also welcome you to give me an idea of what topics you’d like me to post about.

In a nutshell, my business kit teaches females how to become successful escorts. On my blog I discuss my views on the escort industry, news about the escort industry & I post things escorts should be aware of.

My goal is to help females who are REALLY REALLY serious about being a professional escort, learn the ins and outs of what to do, & what not to do.

My business kit and security package is NOT for hookerish type girls, girls who want to scam clients, escort agencies (services), etc.

We all know there are enough of those hooker types out there posing as escorts.

I also provide legal services & I have a site that lists products & services you need to really stay on top of becoming a great escort.

I wrote my business kit because I know that your average female doesn’t know where to get accurate HONEST information all in one spot on how to become an escort. So, that was my goal when creating & writing the business kit & it’s grown since I first launched it.

I am here if you have any simple questions, & if buying the business kit isn’t within your budget right now, be aware that you can promote the kit yourself & get money that way until you have enough to buy it.

Here is the link to my affiliate program.

I also recommend you sign up for my free list located on the main site. This way you can stay in touch with me & what I’m launching, offering & interesting factoids.

Once again, if you need to ask me any questions, please e-mail me directly.

Thank you, & I wish everyone all the best smile


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