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Considering A Career As A Professional Escort? Then Michelle’s Exotic Publishing No-Holds-Barred Straight Talk Advice Is An Absolutely Indispensable Must Have Guidebook.




From: Michelle
Buffalo, New York
Toronto, Ontario

DATE: 10/27/16

Michelle, the Escort Industry Expert

Michelle wishes to talk to you.

Hi there… soon to be Successful Escort,

How are you doing on this wonderful day?

So you’re thinking about becoming a professional adult escort? Well … you’ve come to the right place. What I don’t explain in this one-of-a-kind manual about the exciting, high-income adult escort profession isn’t worth telling.

But let me be absolutely blunt about one thing right from the start. I’m talking about a career – making a living as an escort. It’s what used to be known as a courtesan. If the word “whore” or “hooker” or “streetwalker” is more your style – then I suggest you go somewhere else. This site isn’t for you. Anyone can be a prostitute – it takes a special, dedicated person to be a successful escort.

Why Choose This Career?

The first question someone usually asks is: “Why would anyone enter this profession in the first place?” Here’s one answer:

Money … Lots Of it

Simply put – there are few (if any) other ways to earn so much money in so short a time. We’re talking mega-bucks here. Making money as an escort means hourly rates that would turn a lawyer green with envy and a doctor sick with jealousy. And with “fringe benefits” no other job could (or even) dare match.

Another reason?

Successful escorts call their own shots. They work when and where they choose. They see whom they want. They’re totally independent of hiring or firing or degrading office politics.

In a way – good escorts are among the freest people on earth. Enjoying life to the fullest, and reaping the rewards that only a fat and secure bank account can offer.

“This book is… honest”

“What impresses me a lot about this book is that it’s honest, as it seems hard to find honest people in this industry. For someone with no experience in this industry, it’s definitely a good book to give them an overview of what to expect. Even experienced people can find a few helpful tips from this book.”

Carrie C., Mountain View, CA

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It’s A Service – Not A Hustle

Now there’s something important I want you to take into account. Namely – if you’re only in it for the coin – you’ll probably never succeed. The ladies who make it in this business truly care about their customers. They accept money for a service – yes. But they also offer a unique and personal value for that money.

Clients aren’t stupid. They’ll know in a New York minute if they’re being hustled. And once that happens – you can kiss your budding career goodbye. So yes – the money is great. But you’ll have to earn that money the “old fashioned way” – with honest, down to earth good customer service.

Now that we’ve set the stage, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

First off – there’s a common misconception about escorts. Contrary to what you see on TV, not all escorts are beauty queens. In fact – most aren’t. They’re your average, nice looking female. What sets them apart is how they act. If there’s one secret, one piece of advice that I could give about being successful in this business it’s this: Make your client feel both wanted and important.

If you can do this naturally, cheerfully and consistently – you’ll have it made. If not – don’t even get started. It’s not for you.

This e-Book is for those who want to be successful. Who realize that being an escort is a two way street. My e-Book on how to become an escort can and will teach you everything you must know in order to enter and stay on top of this game. The one thing it can’t do is change your inner personality.

Let’s explore how “Becoming An Escort” will pave your path to success.

Independent Escort or Agency Escort?

When you’re first starting out, you’ll have to make a decision. Will you be an independent escort or work through an escort service? Each has it’s own advantages and obligations. In my e-Book on “How to Become an Escort” I’ll spell those out for you in detail – allowing you to make an informed choice.

Working Through An Escort Agency

Working though an escort service does have it’s pluses. For one, they’re responsible for advertising and booking your calls. This is a big advantage when you’re first starting out. They’re also responsible for your safety – screening customers before you ever set foot in their door. Another advantage is the paperwork involved with any business – most of that is handled by them.

The disadvantages are obvious – part of your payment is retained by the escort agency. You’ll also be at their beck and call whenever a business opportunity arises.

If you’re considering working through an escort service, then you’ll discover:

I even include an “Agency Assessment Form” for you to rank each prospective escort service before you go on an actual interview. Fill in the answers – and you’ll know without doubt if it’s a “Go” or “No Go” situation. To many “red flags” and it’s best to look elsewhere.

Special Insider’s Tips

You’ll even get my exclusive insider’s tips on what to look out for on the actual face-to-face escort agency interview. By simply observing others already working there, I’ll show you if you should stay or leave.

Not only that – but you’ll learn about the one thing that should cause those loud alarm bells to immediately go off in your head. Hear this from the person doing the interview – and cross them off your list permanently!

“How To Become An Escort has been my bible during the last week while trying to start up my business.”

“I am just starting up on my own as an independent escort. Recently, I have worked for an agency that not only “borrowed” money from me but asked for sexual favors and did a lot of the things you described in the manual. So I’m giving it a shot on my own.

How To Become An Escort has been my bible during the last week while trying to start up my business. It was attractively packaged and easy to read, and has provided a wealth of information and tips to make sure I am safe and well-paid.”

R. H., Durham, NC

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The Independent Escort Life

Work when you want. As much as you want. Only see customers or clients that appeal to you. And everything you make – you keep. (Except of course tribute to the tax man!)

These are the advantages of being an independent escort.

And the disadvantages? It’s all on you girl. You’re the one that has to advertise. You’re the one that’ll be responsible for your own safety. You’re the one that’ll have to take the calls and make the dates. The hundred and one things any independent entrepreneur must know and do are all left up to one person – you.

But Don’t Panic!

“How to Become an Escort” will be your personal guide to success.

We’re first going to see if you’re suited to be on your own. Some people aren’t – and it’s better to find out right away – before you dive in and crash land.

And I’ll be right upfront in letting you know about that important “age factor.” No – 21 isn’t always the optimal age. But you’ll have to face the music that if you’re past the late 30’s – the going will be rougher.

Another mistake is the “beauty factor.” There are not that many truly gorgeous people in the world, and precious few of those are adult escorts. Plain can well be pretty – it’s all in the presentation. And you’re going to get my escort tips and advice on how to do just that.

Here’s something else to consider  – many men don’t want raving beauties! They want companionship and a caring touch. Those two qualities alone are worth more than the most expensive cologne or designer make-up you could wear or buy.

Here’s what else you can expect to find in this exclusive eye-opening guide:

Turning That Learning Curve Into A Straight Line

You know … these kinds of insider observations and advice would take a professional years on her own to unearth. And believe me – a lot of hard knocks would go along with that learning process. “How to Become an Escort” saves you that trouble right from the outset.

Things like handling those annoying “Booty Calls” – people pulling your chain and wasting your time. And what you should never – EVER – discuss with a client at any time – under any condition. (It’s not what you think.)

I even cover what to do when your date doesn’t exactly smell like roses. It’s a fact of life … some people have a love-hate relationship with soap and water. Find out how to get ‘em smelling squeaky clean – without offence.

“Sort of like a big sister in print”

I wanted to tell you that I really like the manual. You have managed to set a tone that is very down-to-earth practical yet also reassuring and encouraging and professional and sex-positive. (Sort of like a big sister in print.) I still feel a little overwhelmed, but with your information and tips I feel like I at least know how to get started. (I plan to work as an independent because I’m much older than the average escort – although sexier than ever, or so I’m told, and I certainly do feel that way myself.)

Pat R., Albuquerque, NM

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Safety First

I’ve mentioned it in several places – and it bears repeating. The Number One Rule Is Safety First And Foremost!

Every profession carries some risk – and being a professional adult escort is no different. “How to Become an Escort” doesn’t just give lip-service to safety – you’ll learn the actual problems that can arise – and how to defuse them before you get into trouble.

There’s more … much more. So much in fact I can’t begin to describe or even list them all here. But take it from me – most every dicey situation the working girl can expect to encounter has gone into the safety tips you’ll discover in this manual. If these insights were all I offered, “How to Become an Escort” would be an invaluable help just on those merits alone.

But they’re not – not by a long shot.

The Escort Business Is Changing

Every business goes through changes – and this one is no different. What used to be taboo is now mainstream. Now … I’d love to get into the “naughty nitty-gritty” on this website. But I have to keep it at least “PG” rated here – or those uptight conservative nannies might get annoyed.

But in my e-Book I do get explicit – so if telling it like it is offends you – I suggest you power down the ole’ cyberbrain and go enjoy some milk and cookies.

“I found your book “How to Become an Escort” extremely helpful!”

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I found your book “How to Become an Escort” extremely helpful! I think it is very well written and had answers to all of my questions I had about the escort industry. After reading and rereading your book, I have decided that working for an agency is what I want to do as opposed to going independent just yet.

I used your guidelines for finding a reputable and professionally run business and have came across quite a few shady ones. (once again your book helped me to see some of the “red flags” that popped up when I was researching different agencies.) I was wondering if any of the agencies in my area (Sarasota, FL) have purchased your book on how to run an agency. I do wish that to find one that operates in a way that you ran your business. Please let me know if you can help. Thank You.


Merissa P., Sarasota, FL

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As a professional escort you owe it to yourself to keep in good shape. You also owe it to your customers. And since you’re going to be around many different people – you should take every precaution to prevent disease.

This is not an option: Unless you follow my health tips advice, you’re playing Russian Roulette with your very life. All the money in the world isn’t worth a damn if you’re not around to enjoy it. (Catch my drift?)

Find out what to test for – and when. Learn the basics of hygiene – and how to avoid “problems” in the first place. And please … it goes without saying – but I’ll do it anyway:

The proper protection is an absolute must. No negotiations possible. If someone wants to ride bareback – send ‘em home to their wives or lovers.

Michelle’s Special Escort Tips Of The Trade

What separates a good escort from a great one? It’s the small things that’ll make you stand out from the crowd – and have your customers calling back time after time – clamoring for more.

“Michelle has been wonderful in providing insightful information.”

“We used her mainly for the brainstorming process which saved us having to go through a trial and error process. She has much experience in this industry and will be using her further on the www.GirlsMenu.com project during the next couple of months.”

Xavier, EO
MonaChavez International

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A Wealth Of Information

Of course there’s a veritable treasure trove of additional information. Like which type of date is better for you – local or out of town, how to time a date without using a clock, and of course an entire section on what to wear and how to wear it!

You’re also going to learn the biggest mistake an escort can make – and it has nothing to do with “doing business.” Get involved with this, and you better make sure your final affairs are all in order. (Yes – it’s that serious!)

Find out why other escorts aren’t always the friends you may think they are – but also how to use them to your mutual advantage when the time is right.

Getting Out The Word
Marketing & Advertising

If no one knows you’re open for business – you can’t make money. To be successful – you simply must advertise. There’s no way around it.

“How to Become an Escort” has you covered here as well. Not only do we go through all the tried and true “traditional” methods that escorts have been using to rustle up business – but the newest tactics as well.

One of the best and most cost effective strategies is going online – advertising through your own website. My e-Book takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what you must do to turn your site into your own personal booking agent.

Dear Michelle,

“YEA!!!!! I am up and reading your terrific book, it is truly awesome information!”

Lauren, Pembroke Pines, FL

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Get Your Hands On This Unique Book Today

Since you’ve read this far – you now realize there’s a lot more to being a successful escort than meets the eye. There are literally dozens upon dozens of exclusive insider tips, hints, suggestions and insights that’ll have you starting off in the right track in no time at all.

So… how much is all this one of a kind information going to set you back?

$299? No. $199? Wrong again. How about $129 – would that be better? I’m sure you’d agree that $129 would be an amazing price to pay for the kind of information you’ll be getting. But you’re not going to even pay $129.

The Bottom Line is this: “How to Become an Escort” will retail for just $129.97. An awesome price considering what you’ll find inside.

But here’s the deal … order now and pay just $89.97.

That’s right. All 16 Chapters can be yours – right now – for this one low price.


Michelle... Please Send Me my copy of “How to Become an Escort”

Now, For Only:


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(Please Note: Our Volumes Are Currently Available in e-Book Format Only. These are special PDF Files you’ll be downloading from our secured server. All instructions will be included with your order confirmation.)

Now you may be wondering why I’m not charging an arm and a leg for this invaluable guidance and advice. After all – I’ve seen other so-called “experts” demanding many times that amount – for just a couple of badly photocopied pages of re-hashed, re-cycled worthless garbage.

The answer is simply this… I’m a business woman at heart. And I know by offering “How to Become an Escort” at a great price, it’ll be a “win-win” situation. You’ll get this one of a kind intensive, no holds barred inside look into the escort business – and I’ll make more sales.

Now that’s a philosophy I hope you’ll take with you throughout your career… you don’t have to be greedy to be successful!


Buy the complete e-Book on “How to Become a Successful Escort” all for only $89.97 – and get a FREE Personal Success Session with me – Michelle.

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Get “How to Become an Escort” And Your 20 Minute Success Session Now!

My best regards … now go get rich!

Michelle’s Signature

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And of course – your privacy is guaranteed. We’ll never, ever give, sell, trade or barter your information to anyone! That’s a promise.

P.P.S. I may be a great person – but this $89.97 price isn’t going to last forever! I make no bones about it – it’s a special limited time inducement. After that – “How to Become a Successful Escort” goes back up another 20 bucks. So why wait?

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